Saturday, 17 November 2012

Post-Travel Blues | My Top Ten Survival Tips

Here is my list to surviving those dread post-travel blues!

1. Talk to the people you met out there and reminisce.

2. Look through your pictures and re-live those days from the comfort of your home.

3. Find like-minded travellers; there's bound to be several flitting around in your local area, and talk to them about new and past adventures.

4. Plan your next trip and just be inspired!

5. Try something new, everyday, if possible.

6. Re-discover the thrill of travelling and learning about history, culture and art by being a tourist in your hometown. You never know what hidden away delights and secrets you might uncover!

7. Spice things up a little in your daily routine by walking a different way to Work/ School/ College/ University/ or even town.

8. Cook, or even order a takeaway, from one of the Countries you visited.

9. If you kept a travel memoir, read it and turn it into something: a personal blog or a story.

10. Read travel literature and spark new ideas for places to visit and explore.

For those of you interest in reading an in-depth account of, possibly, your own or a friend/ family members mellow post-travel blues state. I'd recommend this blog:
It is such an excellent account of the true emotions a traveller can go through after an amazing trip away.

Thank you for reading.

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