Sunday, 24 March 2013

Country File | Morocco

Hello there travellers!

As many of you may know if you read this blog regularly or are subscribed to my Twitter or Facebook, you will know that I am hitch-hiking from England to Morocco in under a week's time. Exciting.

So for this blog post I have decided to do a pre-departure fact file of the country. So here goes...
Morocco is situated on the west coast of North Africa in the region of the western Sahara.
Capital City: Rabat
Main religion: Islam
Official Languages: Arabic, Berber and French
Currency: Moroccan Dirham

Five Fun Facts

1. Interestingly, although Morocco is an African country it is NOT a member of the African Union.
2. The tomb of saint John the Baptist is said to be situated in Sidi Yahya, Oujda.
3. Morocco houses the oldest University in the world - The University of Fez, founded in 859 AD.
4. It is the 12th richest country in Africa.
5. In traditional Moroccan culture, the liver is the symbol for true love, not the heart!

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