Saturday, 2 March 2013

England | A Meander to Bath and Stonehenge

Yes, I am English. And yes, I have visited both these historical places numerous times!

Currently my ventures around the world have been confined to my home country. Yes, not very glamorous. Admittedly, at first, I was fairly disappointed by this as I thought it would mean I could not tell great tales of voyages overseas on this blog, but I've slowly begun to realise that England can be just as much fun to explore! I really appreciate how interesting and cool my homeland on this tiny little island really is!

Lets find out I came to this conclusion by starting with Stonehenge.

So, you're thinking: cavemen. Ancient rocks. Pagans. Big deal!

I used to think those exact same thoughts.

Like any typical Brit who travels by car (a lot) to visit family scattered across the country, I've passed this famous "wonder of the world" countless times. My parents always slowed down and marveled at it. Being young, I moaned and commented how "it's just a bunch of big rocks", not truly comprehending the magnificence of them.

Having recently visited them and with my new zest of maturity (20 years old) and life experience (gap year, uni, job). I stared at these precisely placed "rocks", and couldn't help but wonder what they meant.

Why were they placed in these positions and what did it mean to those who created them?

I find it amazing how these rocks were transported hundreds of miles by foot. Why did they not just choose rocks which originated from the Somerset area? Wouldn't that have saved time and effort? Why were they moved? And what is so special about those rocks and placing them specifically there?

My friend and I pondered over these questions, finding them fascinating to imagine crazy Pagan reasons.

It seems like another (crazy) world when you truly think about it.

Next, we drove all the way into Bath. Typically, I don't usually go to Bath for its tourist attractions. Yes, I was dragged around the Roman Baths and Pump Room; made to try the sulfurous water (which smells like rotten egg) and visited the Circus and Royal Crescent on numerous occasions whilst walking through the park when I was younger but nowadays when I visit Bath it's purely to see family.

On this particular visit however I was there to soak up the City. I really took in the vast history of these buildings. My friend and I spent hours wandering along the cobbled streets chatting away and appreciating the English culture and phenomenal history of the place.

I even visited Jane Austen's dwellings!

Sometimes adopting the view of a tourist in your own country can really help one step back and grasp a new perspective on the places you once took for granted.

Happy travelling!:)

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