Sunday, 10 March 2013

Advice On Packing | What To Pack, Or Not To Pack?

Hello fellow travellerinos! This week I want to focus on packing. In three weeks time I'm finally going on another adventure and its got to that stage where I am wondering what to take with me. So I thought I share my packing tips with you guys!

I usually always take with me two/ three bags (one backpack, and a smaller rucksack and possibly a small handbag). But for this post we shall focus on the backpack and the small rucksack. Remember, this list is specifically what I take and yours may vary. If you have any tips for me to make things lighter post your thoughts in the comments.

Let's start with what I take in my big, PINK backpack:
1. Sleeping bag and/ or sleeping liner.
2. First aid kit and sewing kit (depending on length of stay and the country).
3. Mosquito net (depending on the country).
4. 4/ 5 tops, 2/3 shorts, trousers or skirts, 2 pairs of socks and 1 jumper (Again, depending on climate in country and length of stay).
5. Enough underwear to last at least one week!
6. Chargers and adapters for phone, Ipod, camera.
7. Wash bag (E.g. 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, a bar of soap, a body puff, a few razors, small hairbrush with clips and hair ties, deodorant and perfume)/ Make-up bag (E.g. mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation, vasaline, lippy, nail clippers/ tweezers, nail vanish etc).
8. This is optional: but being the girly girl I am at heart, I always like to take a mini hairdryer and mini straighteners for those days when you want to dress up, go out and party!

And in my small rucksack:
1. A notepad/ journal/ diary and two pens.
2. A camera.
3. A packet of sweets for the airplane (reminds me of childhood holidays when my mum used to treat us to them as the plane took off!)
4. Two purses, one with native currency and the other with foreign currency.
5. A plastic wallet (or money belt) with tickets, important documents and, of course, your passport!
6. A book/ guide book.
7. This is optional: a small version of your make-up bag for during the flight (E.g. mascara, eye liner, vasoline, moisturiser and make up wipes!)
8. An empty bottle, or bottle of water bought when you've passed through security in the airport!

Thank you for reading! I'd love to know what you pack when you go on holiday or backpacking so let me know in the comments what goes in YOUR suitcase or backpack!

Happy travelling! :)

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