Monday, 7 January 2013

Another one of those 'New Year, New Me' posts!

So we're all one week into 2013. I'd love to say what a wonderful, eventful week its been for me but unfortunately nothing much has happened. I have moved back down to my university town and trying desperately hard to beat procrastination and finish off the last few bits of uni work. So far I've read half of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, completed two thirds of my English language assignment and am yet to endeavour upon reading the mountain of books currently residing on my shelf. However, this week I have managed to: tidy and organise my room; watch re-runs of old TV programmes I love (Made In Chelsea); watch films and YouTube videos (FleurDeForce, Zoella, and DailyGrace to name[drop] but a few) and regularly update my twitter account with general musings and thoughts.

I have made many new years resolutions for this year and like many others, I plan to complete them and stick to them. So here's my list of things to be completed before the 1st January 2014:

Let's start with an obvious one...

1. To study hard for my degree and pass the first year.
2. To be more creative (write more, draw more..)
3. To continue going to yoga classes every week and eat healthily and experiment more with food.
4. To work more hours and earn money for my very very expensive hobby... TRAVELLING!
5. To read more, see more theatre/ art and have fun.

*I realise my points (above) include the word 'more' more than once and for that I am more than more sorry. I ran out of superlatives. My excuse: my inner dictionary know's no boundaries and thus used the above superlative to convey emphasis. Yeah, that's right, emphasis... You no like? You no comprehende? Fine then, I'll use a better theasuraus next time.

Happy 2013!

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